Promote the Kentucky Bluegrass Award

From the beginning, word of mouth has been the primary method for sharing information about the Kentucky Bluegrass Award throughout the state. Although electronic forms of communication such as email and web pages have helped us raise awareness of the program, it seems the most effective means of promoting the KBA is when one teacher or librarian shares with another their experiences of implementing the KBA program at their school or library. The excitement and enjoyment expressed by their students makes the effort of participating well worth it.

Offered in this section are the KBA promotional materials currently available for purchase as well as a variety of ideas and activities you have used for promoting the Kentucky Bluegrass Award program in your schools and libraries. If you have additional innovative ideas and activities that you wish to share, please send a description to the KBA Chair for inclusion in this section. Contact information for the KBA Chair can be found at the bottom of this page.