2006 Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master Lists

Master List



Actual Size / Steve Jenkins.
Houghton Mifflin, 2004, ISBN 0618375945 $16.00.
Amazing illustrations portray large and small creatures in their actual size.
Bear Snores On / Karma Wilson; Jane Chapman, illustrator.
Margaret K. McElderry Books; Simon & Schuster, 2002. ISBN: 0689831870 $16.00
On a cold winter night many animals gather to party in the cave of a sleeping bear, who then awakes and protests that he has missed the food and the fun.
Crazy Hair Day / Barney Saltzberg.
Candlewick Press, 2003. ISBN 07636195X $15.99
Stanley is all prepared for Crazy Hair day at school, but he soon finds out it's picture day! This most embarrassing day for Stanley takes an interesting turn.
Drat That Fat Cat / Pat Thomson; Ailie Busby, illustrator.
Arthur Levine Books, Scholastic, 2003. ISBN 043947958 $15.95
Feline version of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Repetitive phrases lend themselves to read aloud participation. Certain to be a favorite with the younger crowd.
Duck for President / Doreen Cronin; Betsy Lewin, illustrator.
Simon & Schuster, 2004. ISBN 0689863772 $15.95
When Duck gets tired of working for Farmer Brown, his political ambition eventually leads to his being elected President.
Falling for Rapunzel / Leah Wilcox; Lydia Monks, illustrator.
Penguin Putnam, 2003. ISBN 0399237941 $14.99
A prince tries to get Rapunzel to throw down her hair so he can rescue her, but she mishears him and throws down random objects from her room instead.
Finklehopper Frog / Irene Livingston; Brian Lies, ill.
Ten Speed Press, 2003. ISBN 1582460752 $14.95
Finkelhopper Frog's jogging style and wild jogging suit meet with criticism until he runs into Ruby Rabbit.
Firekeeper's Son / Linda Sue Park; Julie Downing, ill.
Houghton Mifflin, 2004. ISBN 0618133372 $16.00
In eighteenth-century Korea, after Sang-hee's father injures his ankle, Sang-hee attempts to take over the task of lighting the evening fire which signals to the palace that all is well. Includes historical notes.
I Wanna Iguana / Karen Kaufman Orloff ; David Catrow, illustrator.
Grossett & Dunlap, 2004. ISBN 0399237178 $15.99
Lively, imaginative series of letters between mother and son, negotiating getting an iguana as a pet. The text is laugh-out-loud funny, and Catrow's fabulous illustrations add to the hilarity.
If Not For the Cat / Jack Prelutsky; Ted Rand, illustrator.
Greenwillow, 2004. ISBN 0060596775 $16.99
Beautifully illustrated set of haiku about the secrets of the animal world. Proof that Prelutsky can write more than humorous verse.
Kitten's First Full Moon / Kevin Henkes.
Greenwillow, 2004. ISBN: 0060588292 $15.99
Kitten sees the full moon and thinks milk, but no amount of jumping, climbing a tree or running can get her close to the treat. The simple story with a repetitive phrase is black and white old-fashioned looking with simple gouache and pencil drawings with black outlines and pleasing curves.
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale / Mo Willems.
Hyperion, 2004. ISBN 0786818700 $15.99
Toddler Trixie goes to the Laundromat with Dad but stuffed bunny gets accidentally into the washer. Unable to communicate this to Dad, she pitches a fit until perceptive Mommy helps out and bunny is retrieved. The sepia-toned photographs are on olive-green backgrounds with bright cartoon drawings of people superimposed.
Mister Seahorse / Eric Carle.
Philomel, 2004. ISBN: 0399242694 $16.99
In this celebration of fatherly affection, Mr. Seahorse meets five other fish fathers who participate in prenatal care. Carle adds an acetate overlay to his signature painted tissue-paper that camouflages the sea creatures as Mr. Seahorse passes by.
Sidewalk Circus / Paul Fleischman; Kevin Hawkes, illustrator.
Candlewick Press, 2004. ISBN 0763611077 $15.99
A wonder to behold! Illustrations tell of a coming circus, but look closer. The reader will see the circus all around. A book that proves how powerful imagination can be.
Wild About Books / Judy Sierra; Marc Brown, illustrator.
Random House, 2004. ISBN 037582538x $16.95
Judy Sierra and Marc Brown's tribute to Dr. Seuss. This books is a must have for all libraries and should be read the first day that every child visits one.


Buttermilk Hill / Ruth White
Farrar, Straus & Giroux ISBN: 0374351120 $16.00
When Lindy's parents divorce and gradually begin to make new lives for themselves she finds all the changes difficult, but in time she starts to find her own way.
Christopher Mouse / William Wise
Bloomsbury Publishing ISBN: 1582349614 $15.95
After being sold to an unscrupulous pet store owner, a young mouse lives with several owners and has many adventures, before ending up with an appreciative family.
City of Ember / Jeanne DuPrau
Random House Children's Books ISBN: 0375890807 $3.99
The city of Ember was built as a last refuge for the human race. Two hundred years later, the great lamps that light the city are beginning to flicker. When Lina finds part of an ancient message, she's sure it holds a secret that will save the city. She and her friend Doon must decipher the message before the lights go out on Ember forever! This stunning debut novel offers refreshingly clear writing and fascinating, original characters. From the Hardcover edition.
Donuthead / Sue Stauffacher
Knopf Books for Young Readers ISBN: 0375824685 $15.95
Franklin Delano Donuthead is a fifth grader with a lot of problems: For starters, his last name is Donuthead. He considers himself handicapped because one arm and leg are shorter than the other (by less than half an inch), his mother is trying to poison him with non-organic foods (like salami), he doesn't have a father, and Sarah Kervick, the new girl, who's mean and totally unhygienic, is attached to him, warts and all, like glue....
Heartbeat / Sharon Creech
Thorndike Press ; ISBN: 0786269022 $23.95
Twelve-year-old Annie ponders the many rhythms of life the year that her mother becomes pregnant, her grandfather begins faltering, and her best friend (and running partner) becomes distant.
House on the Gulf / Margaret Peterson Haddix
Simon & Schuster, Incorporated ISBN: 0689854226 $15.95
A sixteen-year-old boy arranges a house sitting job for the summer, but he starts acting strangely after his family moves in, and his sister begins to suspect they are not supposed to be there.
Ida B. / Katherine M Hannigan
HarperCollins Children's Book Group ISBN: 0060730250 $16.89
In Wisconsin, fourth-grader Ida B spends happy hours being home-schooled and playing in her family's apple orchard, until her mother begins treatment for breast cancer and her parents must sell part of the orchard and send her to public school.
The Little Gentleman / Philippa Pearce
Greenwillow ISBN: 0060731605 $16.89
A young girl's dull life is transformed when she meets and befriends an extraordinary talking mole that likes to be read to and tell of his own past exploits throughout the centuries.
Lucy Rose: Here's the Thing About Me / Katy Kelly; Adam Rex
Random House Children's Books ISBN: 0385732031 $12.95
Eight-year-old Lucy Rose keeps a diary of her first year in Washington, D.C., her home since her parents' separation, where she spends time with her grandparents, makes new friends, and longs to convince her teacher to let her take care of the class pet during a holiday.
Report Card / Andrew Clements
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing; ISBN: 0689845154 $13.90
Fifth-grader Nora Rowley has a problem with grades, and her latest report card, with five D's and one C, proves it. What nobody knows because she's kept it a secret is that she is really a genius and has earned those low marks on purpose because of her friend Stephen.
Several Lives of Orphan Jack / Sarah Ellis
Groundwood Books ISBN: 0888996187 $ 6.95
For Jack, life is tough at the Opportunities School for Orphans and Foundlings, where he has to avoid trouble with the wrathful Schoolmaster Bane and Edwin, the school bully. But when he turns twelve, trouble finds him. Apprenticed to a bookkeeper, he believes he has the job of his dreams. He loves the idea of taking care of books. What could be better for a boy whose most treasured possession is a grubby, torn dictionary that he received from the Benevolent Ladies Auxiliary one year for Christmas?...
Snowed In with Grandmother Silk / Carol Fenner; Amanda Harvey
Dial Books ; ISBN: 0803728573 $14.99
Ruddy is disappointed to learn that he must spend 10 days in late October with Grandmother Silk while his parents go on a cruise. This grandmother has "designer hair," wears high heels around the house, calls him Rudford, doesn't like loud noises, and, in general, isn't much fun. When a sudden, furious snowstorm hits the woman's remote country home, the power goes out, a tree tumbles down, and the roads are closed, leaving Ruddy and his grandmother to fend for themselves.
Taking Care of Moses / Barbara O'Connor
Farrar, Straus & Giroux ISBN: 0374380384 $16.00
When dissension erupts in the town of Foley, South Carolina, after a baby is left on the steps of the Rock of Ages Baptist Church, eleven-year-old Randall must decide whether or not to keep secret his knowledge of who the foundling's mother is.
Some Friend / Marie Bradby; Brooks Frederick
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing ISBN: 0689856156 $15.95
In 1963, Pearl, an eleven-year-old black girl in Fairfax, Virginia, learns about the real nature of friendship from the popular but untrustworthy Lenore, and Artemesia, a poor girl who moves into the neighborhood for a brief time.
Yankee Girl / Mary Ann Rodman
Farrar, Straus & Giroux ISBN: 0374386617
When her FBI-agent father is transferred to Jackson, Mississippi, in 1964, eleven-year-old Alice wants to be popular but also wants to reach out to the one black girl in her class in a newly-integrated school.


AL CAPONE DOES MY SHIRTS /Gennifer Choldenko
Penguin Group ISBN: 0399238611 $15.99
In this fictionalized account of life at Alcatraz Penitentiary, a twelve-year-old boy named Moose moves to Alcatraz Island in 1935 when guards' families were housed there, and has to contend with his extraordinary new environment in addition to life with his autistic sister. Includes an author's note, with references, about Alcatraz.
BOUND /Donna Jo Napoli
Thorndike Press ISBN: 0786274190 $21.95
In a novel based on Chinese Cinderella tales, fourteen-year-old stepchild Xing-Xing endures a life of neglect and servitude, as her stepmother cruelly mutilates her own child's feet so that she alone might marry well.
BUCKING THE SARGE /Christopher Paul Curtis
Wendy Lamb Books (September 14, 2004) ISBN: 0385323077 $23.95
Deeply involved in his cold and manipulative mother's shady business dealings in Flint, Michigan, fourteen-year-old Luther keeps a sense of humor while running the Happy Neighbor Group Home For Men, all the while dreaming of going to college and becoming a philosopher.
DRAGON RIDER /Cornelia Funke
Thorndike Press ISBN: 0786272635 $23.95
After learning that humans are headed toward his hidden home, Firedrake, a silver dragon, is joined by a brownie and an orphan boy in a quest to find the legendary valley known as the Rim of Heaven, encountering friendly and unfriendly creatures along the way, and struggling to evade the relentless pursuit of an old enemy.
FAMILY REUNION /Caroline B. Cooney
Random House Children's Books ISBN: 0385731361 $9.95
At a family reunion, Shelley comes to terms with her parents' divorce, her mother's absence, her new stepmother, and being the "stable" member of her colorful family.
HarperCollins Children's Book Group ISBN: 0060731982 $15.99
Possibility After getting dumped by his girlfriend, a fourteen-year-old English boy attempts to change his image.
HERE TODAY /Ann M. Martin
Scholastic Press (October 1, 2004) ISBN: 0439579449 $16.95
In 1963, when her flamboyant mother abandons the family to pursue her dream of becoming an actress, eleven-year-old Ellie Dingman takes charge of her younger siblings, while also trying to deal with her outcast status in school and frightening acts of prejudice toward the "misfits" that live on her street.
ME AND BILLY /James Lincoln Collier
Marshall Cavendish Corporation ISBN: 0761451749 $ 15.95
After escaping the orphanage where they have spent their lives together, two boys become assistants to a con artist, and while Possum objects to the lying, stealing, and cheating, Billy only cares about making money and taking life easy.
Random House Children's Books ISBN: 0385325886 $12.95
When supremely organized seventh-grader, Molly McGinty, loses the notebook she relies on to keep her life in order she spends the day in chaos. Today, Molly learned her wacky grandma was coming to spend the day at school with her; lost her notebook with everything that matters in it, including her homework; got a black eye, tore her skirt. And it's only 9 a.m. Could things get any worse? You bet!
THE SCHWA WAS HERE /Neal Shusterman
Dutton Children's Books (October 25, 2004) ISBN: 0525471820 $15.99
A Brooklyn eighth-grader nicknamed Antsy befriends the Schwa, an "invisible-ish" boy who is tired of blending into his surroundings and going unnoticed by nearly everyone. Anthony, also known as "Antsy," is fascinated by "The Schwa Effect"--the fact that no one ever sees Calvin Schwa.
SO B. IT / Sarah Weeks
HarperCollins Children's Book Group ISBN: 0066236231 $16.89
After spending her life with her mentally retarded mother and agoraphobic neighbor, twelve-year-old Heidi sets out from Reno, Nevada, to New York to find out who she is.
SONNY'S HOUSE OF SPIES / George Ella Lyon (Kentucky Author)
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing ISBN: 0689851685 $16.95
In this coming-of-age story set in a small Alabama town in 1947-1956, Sonny searches for answers about his father's disappearance, "Uncle Marty," who looks after the family, and Mamby, their black housekeeper.
Dial Books (September, 2004)ISBN: 0803727364 $16.99
Russell Culver is fifteen in 1904, and he's raring to leave his tiny Indiana farm town for the endless sky of the Dakotas. To him, school has been nothing but a chain holding him back from his dreams. Maybe now that his teacher has passed on, they'll shut the one-room school down entirely and leave him free to roam.
Philomel ISBN: 0399241507 $16.99
Danny is a basketball fanatic. He is smart, talented, fast, and dedicated, but short. When he fails to make the seventh-grade travel team, he also fails to follow in the footsteps of his legendary father, Richie Walker, who led his own 12-year-old team to win the nationals and whose career was tragically ended by a car accident.
Blue Sky Press (February 1, 2004) ISBN: 0439368294 $5.99
After his mother's death, twelve-year-old Skiff Beaman decides that it is up to him to earn money to take care of himself and his father, so he undertakes a dangerous trip alone out on the ocean off the coast of Maine to try to catch a huge blue fin tuna.
Scholastic, Incorporated ISBN: 0439357918 $16.95
A biography of the American poet whose compassion led him to nurse soldiers during the Civil War, to give voice to the nation's grief at Lincoln's assassination, and to capture the true American spirit in verse.


Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing ISBN: 0689841698 $15.95
A surrogate family of homeless teens lives on the streets of New York City, and the bleakness of their lives is clear early on when Country Club dies of "liver failure due to acute alcohol poisoning." His brief life is summarized in a one-page dossierlike format that immediately precedes the narrative description of his death.
DOUBLE HELIX / Nancy Werlin
Penguin Group ISBN: 014240327X $5.99
Edgar Award-winning author Nancy Werlin is well-known for her suspenseful thrillers for young readers. Eli Samuels' mother is dying from Huntington's disease. As Eli goes to work in a lab, he discovers some disturbing information about its doctor and his own family. Scott Shina's compelling narration adds further chills to this dramatic tale.
GODLESS / Pete Hautman
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing ISBN: 0689862784 $15.95
When sixteen-year-old Jason Bock and his friends create their own religion to worship the town's water tower, what started out as a joke begins to take on a power of its own.
Random House, Incorporated ISBN: 0763622435 $15.99
A lovesick count and the ghost of his brutalized servant... a serial killer who defies death... a house with a violent mind of its own and another that holds within its peeling walls a grotesque secret. Here are witches who feast on faces, changeling rites of passage, a venerable vampire contemplating his end, and a fanged brat who drains the patience of a bumbling teenage boy....
THE HEDGE KNIGHT / George R. R. Martin
Diamond Book Distributors, Incorporated ISBN: 097640110X $14.95
In this prequel story to George R. R. Martin's Award winning, New York Times Best Selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, Night falls over the life of one noble knight and brings the dawn of his squire's knighthood. Dubbing himself "Ser Duncan the Tall," the Hedge Knight sets forth to the tourney at Ashford Meadow in search of fame, glory, and the honor of upholding his oath as a knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Unfortunately for him, the world isn't ready for a knight who keeps his oaths, and his chivalrous methods could be the very cause of his demise.
Thorndike Press ISBN: 0786273089 $22.95
Sixteen-year-old "Quiet Girl" Ruby McQueen and her broken-hearted librarian mother learn about the true meaning of love and freedom from it, individual purpose, and the ties that bind.
Alfred A. Knopf Incorporated ISBN: 037593099X $18.99
After capturing a bank robber, nineteen-year-old cab driver Ed Kennedy begins receiving mysterious messages that direct him to addresses where people need help, and he begins getting over his lifelong feeling of worthlessness.
INSIDE OUT / Terry Trueman
HarperCollins Publishers ISBN: 0064473767 $6.99
The Worst Danger is Within A busy coffee shop -- a robbery gone wrong. Two gunmen, nine hostages, flashing lights. And Zach is caught in the mayhem. But nobody realizes that Zach -- who has no gun and no knife -- has a mind more dangerous than any weapon.
Random House Children's Books ISBN: 0375931686 $18.99
Steven Thomas is one of two lucky winners of the U.S. Basketball Writer's Association's contest for aspiring journalists. His prize? A trip to New Orleans and a coveted press pass for the Final Four. It's a basketball junkie's dream come true! But the games going on behind the scenes between the coaches, the players, the media, the money-men, and the fans turn out to be even more fiercely competitive than those on the court.
Penguin Group Incorporated ISBN: 0525475060 $15.99
Sixteen-year-old Miles' first year at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama includes good friends and great pranks, but is defined by the search for answers about life and death after a fatal car crash.
Simon & Schuster, Incorporated ISBN: 0743274849 $18.00
This story tells the emotionally riveting story of a family torn apart by conflicting needs and a passionate love that triumphs over human weakness. Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister, Kate, can somehow fight the leukemia that has plagued her since childhood....
HarperCollins Publishers ISBN: 0060517522 $6.99
A year after running away with a traveling carnival to escape his unbearable home life, sixteen-year-old Michael returns to Miami, Florida, to find that his mother is going on trial for the murder of his abusive stepfather.
Roaring Brook Press ISBN: 1596430052 $16.95
Shy and unremarkable, seventeen-year-old Matt Lathrop is surprised and flattered to find himself singled out for the sexual attentions of the alluring Skye Colbly, until he discovers the evil purpose behind her actions.
PROM / Laurie Halse Anderson
Penguin Group ISBN: 0670059749 $16.99
Eighteen-year-old Ash wants nothing to do with senior prom, but when disaster strikes and her desperate friend, Nat, needs her help to get it back on track, Ash's involvement transforms her life.
SAVING FRANCESCA / Melina Marchetta
Thorndike Press ISBN: 0786273097 $22.95
Limitation Placers in Francesca's life: St. Sebastian's, which pretends to be a coed school; the dearth of female companions to be found there; and the endless supply of idiotic, smug boys. But the Queen of Limitation Placers is her vivacious mother, who makes her attend the hateful school-until the day she's stricken with acute depression, leaving Francesca lost and alone.

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