1995 Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master Lists

Master List



AMANDA'S PERFECT HAIR / Linda Milstein; Susan Meddaugh, ill.
Tambourine Books, 1993. $13.95. Grades K-3.
Although everyone else keeps telling Amanda how wonderful her long thick hair is, she decides that she doesn't like it.
ARCHIBALD FRISBY / Michael Chesworth.
Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1994. $15.00. Graders K-3.
Archibald Frisby is obsessed with all things scientific. His mother is so worried about this that she sends him summer camp to loosen him up.
BABYSITTING FOR BENJAMIN / Valiska Gregory; Lynn Munsinger, ill.
Orchard Books, 1993. Grades K-3.
Ralph and Frances, an older mouse couple, find that babysitting Benjamin, a rambunctious toddler rabbit, is a challenge they cautiously but creatively deal with.
THE BEE TREE / Patricia Polacco.
Philomel Books, 1993. $14.95. Grades K-3.
To teach his daughter the value of books, a father leads a growing crowd in search of the tree where bees keep all their honey.
THE CATSPRING SOMERSAULT / SuAnn Kiser; Peter Catalanotto, ill.
Orchard, 1993. Grades K-3.
When everyone in her large family seems too busy around the farm to pay attention to her, a young girl decides to run away to find someone who will watch her do new tricks.
Orchard Books, 1993. Grades K-3.
Miss Rosemary tries everything to coax her flying cow Gertrude down from the sky.
DEMI'S SECRET GARDEN / Demi; Demi, ill.
Henry Holt and Co., 1993. Grades K-2.
20 child-pleasing poems, from Shakespeare, Keats, and Whitman. Demi illustrates each with a magnificent collage of paints and patterned papers, embellished with gold on two-three-, and four-page spreads.
DUCKAT / Gaelyn Gordon; Chris Gaskin, ill.
Scholastic Inc., 1992. $13.95. Grades K-3.
Mabel makes friends with a very odd duck who thinks he's a cat.
ELVIRA / Margaret Shannon; ill.
Ticknor/Houghton, 1993. Grades K-3.
Not a typical fire-breathing dragon, Elvira goes to live among the princesses. Drawn with great humor, Elvira does return home to remain true to herself.
Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1993. $15.00. Grades K-3.
The Beneadas are a close-knit clan with many far-flung relations - but how do this Ester and Fester fit in?
FAT CHANCE / Lady Borton; Deborah Kogan Ray, ill.
Philomel Books, 1993. Grades K-3.
Marty Louise finds a blind stray cat and worries that her mother will not let her keep him.
THE FIVE DOG NIGHT / Eileen Christelow.
Clarion Books, 1993. $14.95. Grades K-3.
Two lovely senior citizens worry about each others' welfare as the temperature grows colder. As the snow piles up, they rely more and more upon their dogs for companionship and warmth.
Houghton Mifflin Co., 1993. $16.95. Grades K-3.
A Japanese American man recounts his grandfather's journey to America which he later also undertakes, and the feelings of being torn by a love for two different countries.
Candlewick Press, 1993. $15.95. Grades K-3.
Santa Claus and the reindeer are home at last on Christmas Eve. But, Santa realizes with a shock, there's still one present inside the sack--Harvey Slumfenberger's!
Henry Holt and Co., 1993. $15.95. Grades K-3.
Denise Fleming's vibrant art and rhyming text make this Frog's eye peek at life in small, small pond irresistible.
THE KING WHO TRIED TO FRY AN EGG ON HIS HEAD / Mirra Ginsburg, Will Hillenbrand, ill.
Macmillan Books, 1994. $14.95. Grades K-3.
A poor and foolish king marries off his three daughter to the Sun, the Moon, and the Raven, and then tries to copy their special talents.
LET ME OFF THIS SPACESHIP / Gery Geer and Bob Ruddick, Blanche L. Sims, ill.
Harper Collins, 1991. Grades K-3.
When Tod and Billy are kidnapped by creatures from outer space, they try to make as much trouble as they can on board ship, so that the spaceship captain will take them back to earth.
LOOP THE LOOP / Barbara Bugan, James Stevenson, ill.
Greenwillow, 1992. Grades K-3.
A young girl and an old woman form a friendship that lasts even after the woman enters a nursing home. Humorous and touching story.
MAX AND FELIX / Larry Dane Brimmer, Les Gray, ill.
Bell Books, 1993. $12.95. Grades K-3.
Four stories about Max, a multi-talented tree frog, and his best friend Felix.
NEVER TAKE A PIG TO LUNCH / Nadine Bernard Westcott
Orchard Books, 1994. $18.95. Grades K-3.
A book of poems about the fun of eating.
OLD BLACK FLY / Jim Aylesworth, Stephen Gammell; ill.
Henry Holt and Co., 1991. $14.31. Grades K-3.
A delightful ABC book that is greatly enhanced by Stephen Gammell's bright, humorous illustrations.
OWL'S SECRET / Louise Gallop, Shannon Cartwright, ill.
Paws IV Books, 1993. Grades K-3.
An empowering book for children. It celebrates each creature's unique virtues as well as telling charming tale in the tradition of Alaskan native people.
PEARL MOSCOWITZ'S LAST STAND / Arthur A. Levine, Robert Roth, ill.
Tambourine Books, 1993. $14.00. Grades K-3.
Pearl Moscowitz takes a stand when the city government tries to chop down the last ginkgo tree on her street.
THE THREE DOTS / Elise Primavera
G. P. Putnam's Sons Books, 1993. Grades K-3.
Three dotted animals, a frog, duck, and moose, enjoy playing together and form a band, but their friendship is endangered as the fortunes of their band rise and continue to change.
UP THE TRACKS TO GRANDMA'S / Judith Hendershot, Thomas B. Allen, ill.
Alfred A. Knopf Books, 1993. $15.00. Grades K-3.
A young girl helps her grandma with her daily chores and takes care of her house and garden while she is in town helping Aunt Katy.


BEARDANCE / Will Hobbs.
Atheneum Books, 1993. $14.94. Grades 4-8.
While accompanying an elderly rancher on a trip into the San Juan Mountains, Cloyd, a Ute Indian boy, tries to help two orphaned grizzly cubs survive the winter and, at the same time, completes his spirit mission. Sequel to "Bearstone."
BROWN HONEY IN BROOMWHEAT TEA / Joyce C. Thomas, Floyd Cooper, ill.
HarpC Child Books, 1993. $14.89. Grades 4-8.
A collection of poetry celebrating a child's importance in the family.
CHI-HOON / Patricia McMahon, Michael F. O'Brien, photographer.
Caroline House, 1993. Grades 4-8.
The story of a young Korean girl, hr family, and their life in Seoul, Korea.
Dutton Children's Books, 1993. Grades 4-8.
Describes what happens in a compost pile and how compost turns into humus.
CRAZY LADY / Jane Leslie Conly.
Laura Geringer Book, 1993. $13.00. Grades 4-8.
As he tries to come to terms with his mother's death, Vernon finds solace in his growing relationship with the neighborhood outcasts, an alcoholic and her retarded son.
DEAR GOD, HELP!!! LOVE EARL / Barbara Park.
Borzoi Book, 1993. $15.00. Grades 4-8.
Tried of being pushed around by the class bully, Earl and two friends devise the perfect revenge.
FLIP-FLOP GIRL / Katherine Paterson.
Lodestar Books, 1994. $13.99. Grades 4-8.
Uprooted following the death of their father, nine-year-old Vinnie and her five-year-old brother, Mason, cope in different ways--one in silence--but both with the help of Lupe, the flip-flop girl.
THE GIVER / Lois Lowry.
Houghton Mifflin Co., 1993. Grades 4-8.
Given his lifetime assignment at eh Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas becomes the receiver of memories shared by only one other in his community and discovers the terrible truth about the society in which he lives.
THE HAYMEADOW / Gary Paulsen.
Doubleday Books, 1992. $15.00. Grades 4-8.
14-year old John Barron is asked to spend the summer taking care of 6,000 sheep in the haymeadow with only four dogs and two horses to help.
THE HERO OF BREMEN / Margaret Hodges, Charles Mikolaycak, ill.
Holiday House Books, 1993. Grades 4-8.
Retells the German Legend in which a shoemaker who cannot walk helps the town of Bremen, aided by the spirit of the great hero Roland.
Henry Holt and Co., 1992. $14.95. Grades 4-8.
Packing their few possessions, Rifka's family prepares to flee the pogroms of 1919 Russia. She records her exodus in the margins of a cherished volume of Pushkin in the form of letters addressed to Tovah, the beloved cousin she must leave behind.
LIVES OF THE MUSICIANS / Kathleen Krull, Kathryn Hewitt, ill.
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1993. Grades 4-8.
The lives of twenty composers and musicians, ranging from Vivaldi, Mozart, and Bach to Gershwin, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Woody Guthrie, are profiled in this eclectic, humorous, and informative collection.
LIZZIE'S LIST / Maggie Harrison, Bethan Mathews, ill.
Candlewick Press, 1993. $14.95. Grades 4-8.
What nine-year-old Lizzie wants is a family. Lizzie makes up a list of necessary family members -- one grandma, one grandpa, one brother, one sister, and a baby too -- and sets out to find them. Readers will sheer as Lizzie finally manages to assemble an odd but very real family.
MOLLY DONNELLEY / Jean Themsman.
Houghton, 1993. $13.95. Grades 4-8.
At the age of twelve, Molly's life changes with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Long-time neighbors and friends of Japanese descent are moved to an interment camp and Molly's mother takes a job in the shipyard, leaving Molly to sort through new feelings and responsibilities.
NIGHT OF THE FULL MOON / Gloria Whelan, Leslie Bowman, ill.
Borzoi Books, 1993. $13.00. Grades 4-8.
When she sneaks away to visit a friend, a young girl living on the Michigan frontier is caught up in the forced evacuation of a group of Potawatomi Indians from their tribal lands in the 1840's.
POWWOW / George Ancona.
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1993. 48.95(paper). Grades 4-8.
A photo essay on the Pan-Indian celebration called a Powwow.
SADAKO / Eleanor Coerr, Ed Young, ill.
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1993. $15.99. Grades 4-8.
Hospitalized with the dreaded atom bomb disease, leukemia, a child in Hiroshima races against time to fold one thousand paper cranes to verify the legend that by doing so a sick person will become healthy.
SCOOTER / Vera B. Williams.
Greenwillow Books, 1993. $15.00. Grades 4-8.
A child's silver blue scooter helps her adjust to her new home.
SWEET CLARA AND THE FREEDOM QUILT / Deborah Hopkinson, James Ransome, ill.
Alfred A. Knopf Book, 1993. Grades 4-8.
A young slave stitches a quilt with a map pattern which guides her to freedom in the north.
TIME FOR ANDREW / Mary Downing Hahn.
Clarion Books, 1994. $13.95. Grades 4-8.
When he goes to spend the summer with his great-great-aunt in the family's old house, eleven-year-old Drew is drawn eighty years into the past to trade places with his great-great-uncle who is dying of diphtheria.
TIMOTHY OF THE CAY / Theodore Taylor.
Harcourt Brace & Co., 1993. Grades 4-8.
Having survived being blinded and shipwrecked on a tiny Caribbean island with the old black man Timothy, twelve-year-old white Phillip is rescued and hopes to regain his sight with an operation. Alternate chapters follow the life of Timothy from his days as a young cabin boy. Sequel to: The Cay.
UNDER THE MOON / Dyan Shaldon, Gary Blythe, ill.
Dial Books For Young Readers, 1993. $15.99. Grades 4-8.
When Jenny finds an arrowhead in her backyard, she spends the day trying to imagine what the world was like long ago, but no matter how hard she tries, she isn't able to picture a world filled with wide-open fields and clear-running streams--until she falls asleep.
Harper Trophy, 1992. $3.95. Grades 4-8.
A "Southern" more grown up version of Cinderella with a musical theme and a happy ending. A southern choir leader finds her own replacement in a foster child who is discovered to be her own niece. Rich in culture of the swamp people of the southern U.S.
WHO BELONGS HERE? / Margy Burns Knight, Anne Sibley O'Brien, ill.
Tilbury House Pub., 1993. $16.95. Grades 4-8.
Anecdotes relating the experience of refugees and their contributions to America culture.

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